Translating parolu


Translating parolu

parolu can be translated using the online translation portal at

HTML Formatting

Some text can contain HTML formatting tags, like <b>. Those tags should all be kept in the translation.

New topic…Source text:

Focus on the essentials<br>
<span class="subline">and parolu will take care of the rest.</span>


Konzentrier Dich auf das Wesentliche<br>
<span class="subline">parolu macht den Rest.</span>


Some texts contain placeholders in in double curly braces, like {{name}}. name in this case is an identifier which should not be translated.

Source text:

Do you really want to delete “{{objectTitle}}”?


Möchtest Du „{{objectTitle}}“ wirklich löschen?

Plural Forms

In cases where the actual text displayed depends on the pluralization rules of the target language. E.g. in English it would be "There is 1 project", but "There are 2 projects". In this case the following syntax is used for translation:

There are {count} {count, plural, one{project} other{projects}}

The parts in curly braces in one{project} is the text used in case there is only 1 project, other{projects} is used for all other cases. That means both project and projects need to be translated. Example translation:

Es gibt {count} {count, plural, one{Projekt} other{Projekte}}

Which rules are available depends on the pluralization rules of the target language. E.g. in Japanese where there is no grammatical distinction between singular and plural only other{...} should be used, whereas for Arabic there are up to 6 different cases:

  • zero{...}
  • one{...}
  • two{...}
  • few{...}
  • many{...}
  • other{...}

Selection Lists

Sometimes different text is used depending on some predefined value. E.g. in this example for different values of type a different name is used.

{type, select, todo{Todo} project{Project} other{Unknown}}

Only the parts inside the inner curly braces (Todo, Project, Unknown) should be translated, e.g.

{type, select, todo{Todo} project{Projekt} other{Unbekannt}}

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